My True Home

Sometime I get confused.  I begin thinking that I am already home and that I need to hang onto people, things, memories, or try to control my circumstances or else it will all go by and I will ‘miss out.’

But then I remember that home is coming.  Tim, my adult son who left this life two years ago, reminds me of this.  He is gone from me here, but I can still feel his nearness which is pulls a shadow awareness of my true home into my heart.  I know Tim lives, I know that God holds him and me and all those I love, and I know that my true home is coming.

This shifts everything.

I can relax.  I can feel what I feel.  I can be who I am.  I can venture out and take risks and find new adventures because my real home, my future home, cannot be taken from me.  I may have other losses in this world, but I cannot lose that which is most dear and most precious to me ever!  His faithful love endures forever!