Topics Related to Viral Movements and Missions

I am using this space to collect my thoughts on Viral Movements and Missions and the transformation of mission organizations, teams, and communities. Here are some of the topics I want to write about:

1. The Living Nature of Church. More than just an idea, it is a reality that must be embraced in order to see the church in its full glory and reproducibility.

2. The Error of Organic Church. The mark is missed when organic church is seen as another model of church rather than a description of the actual nature of church.

3. The Seed is Sufficient. Roland Allen on planting nothing more than the seed in indigenous cultures and then allowing it to grow and multiply within that context.

4. Removing Obstacles to the DNA of Life. This is the key to facilitating viral, living church–not control structures to humanly architect the church.

5. The Gospel is Life. Everything flows from the Gospel which is the result of the cross. When this is grasped, and barriers are removed, the seed of the kingdom reproduces itself.

6. Discipleship is Apprenticeship. This is best accomplished by the nearest-culture person available.

7. Outsider vs Insiders. An outsider can plant a seed, but only an insider can originate a work that can become viral within his/her context.

8. Outsider Training Dangers. Most outsider training introduces hindrances and barriers to viral movements within the insider's context.

9. People Groups Reached. People groups can only be reached by a naturalized Gospel within that group that has the DNA of multiplication.

10. Partnerships Can Be Deadly. Mission organizations foster partnerships which often lead to control and dependency. This hinders and/or kills movements.

11. Mission Organizations as Consultants. Mission organizations must develop experienced consultants who know how to remain as outsiders while working with insiders correctly without fostering dependency or partnerships. Consultants must understand the principles of planting the seed of a naturalized Gospel and the DNA of movement while allowing both to grow as shaped by the insider.

12. Mission Organizations and Culture Change. Many mission organizations will require a culture change to be effective in facilitating viral movements because they will need to change systems, structures, behaviors, and beliefs.